We don’t say we know what’s best for you and we don’t try to tell you the right way to do things. We encourage you to do as much as possible for yourself.

We believe that you’ll do best when the support you receive is designed to suit you. We call this person-centred support.

This means that the way we support you will be centred around you because everybody’s needs are different.

 We’d like to:

  • Match you with well-trained and qualified support workers to give you on-going support.

  • Support you in any way to do the things you want to do.

  • Make sure that the support is there only when you want it.

Registered office
Wellfield House
Temple Street
Llandrindod Wells
Powys LD1 5HG

Telephone: 01597 828050
Fax: 01597 828059